The place

The Mosellan vineyard is almost 700 hectares in the AOC Moselle appellation for only 70 planted. This cross-border vineyard, one of the northernmost in France, has a very eventful history. The grape varieties are of first epoch and enjoy on the limestone soils of the Jurassic. Mainly of the Pinot family, we also grow Gamay and Muller Thurgau.
Vignes,  vue sur la cabane et la forêt- Domaine les béliers - moselle- ancy dornot

La " Béliers"

Our vines were planted on and around the place called «Les Béliers», on the tops of the agricultural land of the commune of Ancy-sur-Moselle, bordering communal forest (280 m above sea level). The vineyards of the domain cover today 5.6 hectares in one piece, surrounded by agricultural wastelands. Exposed East-South-East, the hill is protected from prevailing winds from the west by the coast, we usually have around 700 mm of water per year.
The soils are draining, composed of silt and limestone scree.
Yields are around 40 hl/ha, the vine is maintained according to organic farming. Soils are covered with natural grassing, mowed, sown or worked, depending on the time of year.For the treatments we use copper in low dose, sulfur and use herbal teas.
We strive to obtain beautiful ripe grapes so as not to make any correction on the juices. The vinification takes place without suffering, a contribution is made at the end of fermentations with the aim of better preservation.

The wines

All our wines come from the grapes we grow. They are harvested by hand, usually between September 15 and October 15.

The spring bottling : - The wines have short maturations of 6 months in vats. They are usually fresh with a mineral tension, but balanced by a tender fruitiness. These cuvées come from the medium slope vines (alluvial on marl and calcareous clay).
The fall bets : - These are longer maturing cuvées (from 10 to 18 months), maturing can be done in vats or barrels. Wines that lend themselves to the table.