Our story

Our story

La Bélier

Josephine’s favorite vineyard plot is a small piece of land of 5 acres on the place called «Rams». This land laid on the edge of the forest. Everything is planted in vines on wooden scaffolds, dense and accessible just on foot for work by hand. We are in 1900 and many people in Ancy live from viticulture. It is around this "Béliers" that my grandfather chose to enlarge and install his garden, because his grandmother Josephine asked him not to part with it. Josephine, in black dress, goes up on foot from the village with her pick, she takes care of this place, her hands damaged by the work of the earth and the features marked by the sun.

The hamlet

No culture without water. The hamlet bears the name of the spring «Les Béliers», strange, is it because one finds there the famous animal? While searching a bit I realize that the Celts had for god living waters and spring waters, Belonos. A ram’s head and a snake’s body. The Druids celebrated it on the first of May, a feast for the change of rhythm of life, from the dark season to the clear season. They lit fires and passed the cattle in to protect them during this new crop year.
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1980: rebirth of a vineyard

Before the phyloxera crisis, Ancy has about forty winegrowers, between the two wars more than four. The 1980s saw the vines regain a few acres of the former planted hillsides. Today the AOC Moselle is about fifteen winemakers and a little over 75 hectares of vines !