How to prepare your stay in a treehouse ?

To fully enjoy your escape in the heart of the forest, here are some tips that will help you prepare your stay.

Our treehouses are surrounded by nature, lulled by its sounds and its animals. Take advantage of this moment to disconnect from the screens and share this magical moment with your family or friends. Don’t look for a plug to charge your smartphone, rather enjoy these moments of reunion. Laughter, exchange and discussion will take place again. Slip into your bag some books and board games that will liven up your evening. A stay that will take you back to the essentials of life and to the discovery of our natural resources that we must learn to respect and use reasonably. The treehouses are not connected to the water network, a water dispenser of 5l is at your disposal to wash your hands, teeth and rinse your dishes. Also, if you bring your picnic, don’t forget to bring your cutlery. To facilitate the transport of the basket to the cellar we no longer provide it.
To immerse yourself more in this immersion,  composting toilets are on your terrace. Simple to use and environmentally friendly, you just need to pour a pot of wood chips after your passage. Don’t be afraid if you see two small black eyes. They are grey dormouses, they love to nest behind the sawdust bin.
Sometimes the weather is cool in Moselle. Slip a warm pyjama at the bottom of your bag, it will be welcome at night. Don’t forget your pair of sneakers or hiking shoes to discover the valley. The trails could be muddy in case of rain. Use flat shoes and a bag to carry your belongings. It will be easier to climb the ladder and access your perched nest.
We hope to welcome you soon and offer you a wonderful stay.